About the Course

The course has two distinct and different sides. The first nine, while not having the pines of the second nine to contend with, it not an easy tract. This is not a drive and a wedge course. All of the clubs in your bag will get a workout.

This nine is located atop the moraine, left by glaciers thousands of years ago. Not many level holes here and undulating fairways and greens are the norm. Because the thousands of pines found on the inward nine are not present here, it would seem there are slight breezes blowing constantly that have to be taken into consideration on most shots.

The second nine holes is by far the most difficult, as it has been carved out of a thick pine forest. There are no sure pars, as all but one of the par fours is over 400 yards. Its fairways are narrow to say the least, and when playing a hole, it seems you're the only one on the course as no other fairways can be seen. You had better bring your A-game to compete on this tract. A wayward shot off the tee box and a certain bogey or worse awaits the player. Rather than the mundane, straight-away fairways, the norm is fairways curving to the right or left, and on some holes, both.

Scorecard and Layout